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Making music!

2017-04-02 00:04:35 by jonadrew

I'm gonna make some more music my friends

Reflections Album

2016-02-17 22:28:18 by jonadrew

So apparantly you could ony publish 4 songs a day, which is interesting. Anyways, I released my Reflections album:

It's on Soundcloud too with an additional bonus track:

It took me a while to make, and it was pretty interesting to try to create. So check it out! 


2015-03-26 20:32:11 by jonadrew

Hi, I‘m Jonadrew, a composer and semi-artist (but mainly because I draw my cover art). I’ve created music and have been a composer for a little bit over a year and a half. While steadily learning, I’m still learning from my mistakes; as I still have my original pieces still up to see how I can still grow. I really enjoy making music, though everyone has thier lows and highs (or highs and lows). I currently am still in school, so whether I become a “full time” composer will be difficult to decide, but I will continue uploading tracks and find the style that fits me. Thanks to everyone who has listened to my pieces, it means a lot to me that even a few people may enjoy my stuff!

Yea…It sounds like a resume, but I really should start posting stuff more often anyways.

Happy Merry New Holidae Year!

2014-12-29 13:07:27 by jonadrew

It’s been a pretty eventful year I suppose and a lot has changed since January. I’ve released twenty-four audio as of now (24!) and 8 of those are part of my “Sea” album: an album of short songs around one and a half minutes. I created one song everyday this past week to celebrate what a weird but awesome year this year has been (I personally like the fifth track the best). I might be successful, I might not be successful doing this music stuff, but it’s fun doing this anyways. Thanks to whoever is reading this and it would be awesome if you supported me! Thank you!

Oh, and as a side note: I might create one more song this year to wrap everything up