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2015-03-26 20:32:11 by jonadrew

Hi, I‘m Jonadrew, a composer and semi-artist (but mainly because I draw my cover art). I’ve created music and have been a composer for a little bit over a year and a half. While steadily learning, I’m still learning from my mistakes; as I still have my original pieces still up to see how I can still grow. I really enjoy making music, though everyone has thier lows and highs (or highs and lows). I currently am still in school, so whether I become a “full time” composer will be difficult to decide, but I will continue uploading tracks and find the style that fits me. Thanks to everyone who has listened to my pieces, it means a lot to me that even a few people may enjoy my stuff!

Yea…It sounds like a resume, but I really should start posting stuff more often anyways.


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